Oh hiiii collage I made a few years ago!

Oh hiiii collage I made a few years ago!

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Bow To Kenneth Rexroth.

Been reading a lot of Rexroth lately. 

Years after the Six Gallery reading, TIME magazine (in an article on the San Francisco Renaissance) referred to him as “Father of the Beats.” To this he replied, “an entomologist is not a bug.”

and on the beats/Six Gallery/Howl topic-

 One Final Episode in the History of HOWL

At a reading in Los Angeles a heckler harassed Ginsberg throughout his reading (of Howl) and was quieted only when Allen promised to give him the chance to express his opinions after the reading. However he continued to disrupt the reading after Allen had turned it over to Gregory Corso. At one point, Gregory proposed a verbal duel with the heckler, the winner being the one with the best “images, metaphors (and) magic.” The heckler was more interested in engaging Corso in a fistfight. He taunted the poets, calling them cowards, insisting they explain what they were trying to prove onstage.

"Nakedness," Ginsberg replied. When the heckler demanded further explanation, Allen left the stage and approached him. He accused the man of wanting to do something brave in front of the audience and then challenged him to take off all his clothes. As he walked towards the drunk, Allen stripped off all of his clothing, hurling his pants and shirt at the now retreating heckler. "Stand naked before the people," Allen said. "The poet always stands naked before the world." Defeated the man backed into another room.

From time to time I’m radioactive

Uh…Kegels? Hypnosis? Hmm. No… noooo… when did I follow a fuckin’ hippie on here??


focus on your breathing


let go


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